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HI! I'm Linda,

a female magician whose magical journey spans across continents, ignited by childhood wonder and fueled by a love for enchantment. Born in California and later transplanting to Taiwan at the age of 8, my magical voyage began with a pivotal moment during a family trip to Thailand.

How it all started...

At the age of 8 or 9, amidst the exotic allure of Thailand, the adults sought solace in Thai massages while I found myself ushered into a realm of magic. A dedicated kids' magic show awaited, and little did I know, this experience would shape the course of my life into becoming a professional magician.

The magician called me to the stage, handing me two metal rings. In a moment that defied logic, the rings linked together in my own hands. Astonishment, excitement, and amazement flooded my young senses. This wasn't just a spectacle; it was a taste of magic I could create myself.

Live magic, I discovered, held a unique power. It wasn't merely observed; it became a part of me. Looking back, the memory might be embellished, but it underscores the profound impact magic has on our perception and memory. Even now, as a NYC magician, I'm reminded that the wonderment it instilled remains vivid.

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Beyond connecting with the magician, I felt an intimate connection with myself. Being able to have the magic happen in my own hands made everything seem possible. It was an enamoring moment where the boundaries between reality and illusion blurred.

Dreaming Amidst Stereotypes

As a child, the dream of becoming a magician whispered to me. However, societal stereotypes, particularly the Asian narrative of the "starving artist," almost succeeded in stifling that dream. The skepticism I faced was not only external but also internal, fueled by insecurities ingrained by a society that often dismisses art as a viable career.

Following a conventional educational path, I graduated with an HR management degree. However, the pursuit of a traditional career didn't bring the peace I sought. The uncertainty persisted until a turning point – a layoff during a government shutdown. Facing the unexpected job loss, I saw an opportunity to finally embrace my childhood dream of becoming a professional magician.

My First Stage Performance_edited.jpg

My first time performing for
200+ people when I was 17

Corporate Shows.png

The (Partial) Family Secret

"Don't tell mom, but I'm going to pursue

being a professional magician in NYC"

With my layoff came a decision to confide in my family. I shared my aspirations with my father and brother, keeping it a (partial) family secret from my mom for 2 years. Transitioning into a professional NYC magician, I embraced the uncertainty, determined to make my childhood dream a reality. The journey began, and despite the setbacks brought on by the pandemic, I persevered, learning valuable lessons about resilience and adaptability. One of the biggest leaps was traversing into virtual magic, performing for companies all over the world in one single Zoom room.

the best female magician performing at a wedding entertainment space

Personal Growth and Challenges

Breaking into the magic community posed challenges, particularly as a female magician. Disproving stereotypes became a mission as I showcased intricate sleight of hand, challenging expectations of what someone with "small hands" could achieve. Establishing myself as one of the best female magicians, I became known as "the girl who does hard sleight of hand", pushing boundaries.

This journey has been a profound learning experience, not just about magic but about myself. Embracing my childhood dream of being a professional magician allowed me to discover the unique value I bring to the world. My naturally bubbly personality became a tool to light up rooms, make people feel welcome, and create genuine connections.

As I reflect on my journey, my mission extends beyond magic. I aim to challenge stereotypes both within the magic community and society at large. Women are more than just a pretty face; they can have charisma, showmanship, and command the stage. Asians are not confined to stereotypes of docility and silence. My aspiration is to inspire the new generation to be true to themselves, unafraid of dreaming and breaking free from societal expectations.

Mission &

With 15 years of magical exploration, I specialize in close-up, virtual, and parlor magic. Close-up magic brings an intimate, personable touch in the vast New York City private events, while virtual magic connects me with audiences worldwide. Exploring parlor magic allows me to share the magic on a larger scale while maintaining interaction with the audience through the various corporate magic I have performed.

Magic, to me, is more than an illusion; it's a bridge that connects people. My performances aim to bring joy, laughter, and a sense of wonder. I strive to inspire new magicians, particularly women and people of color, breaking stereotypes and showcasing the diverse talent in the magical realm. I am proud to be able to represent both female magicians and Asian magicians.


I thrive on audience interaction, whether it's building suspense or simply showcasing my genuine, bubbly personality.






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