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Elevate your corporate event with unforgettable, impactful magic that

leaves a lasting impression. Engage your audience and create a truly memorable experience with Linda's captivating performances tailored specifically for corporate events. As an experienced NYC magician, Linda will bring professional, entertaining magic to your events.

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professional nyc magician performs at newark museum of art corporate magician
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professional nyc magician performs at nordstrom close up magic for ccorporate events
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"Linda is amazing! ... really made our party special. Highly recommend"

Brian S,

Captivating Connections

Elevate your corporate event with the enchanting magic of Linda, an experienced NYC magician in creating unforgettable experiences. With her vibrant and relaxed personality, Linda effortlessly radiates positive energy, captivating audiences of all sizes. Whether you're hosting a small gathering of 30 or a large-scale event with 500+ attendees, Linda's corporate magic is tailored to engage and mesmerize every individual in the room.


From intimate cocktail hours to dynamic networking events, product releases, conferences, and lively parties, Linda's magic transcends boundaries, connecting people in a shared sense of wonder and leaving a lasting impression on your diverse audience. Prepare to witness the transformative power of magic as Linda turns your corporate event into an extraordinary and unforgettable affair.

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What I Offer

As a professional NYC magician, Linda offers various different professional magic to your events

Secret Performer

Transform your event into an extraordinary experience by having Linda seamlessly blend in as a trusted friend or colleague. Watch as she weaves enchanting moments of magic into conversations, surprising your guests with unexpected wonders and creating an atmosphere of awe and delight. Suitable for any NYC corporate entertainment settings.

professional nyc magician performs at a networking event through being a secret performer


Elevate the excitement of your close-up magic experience by adding a captivating stage show as an opener or closer. Delight in the collective awe as your guests witness magic together, creating a shared energy that sparks conversations and leaves a lasting impression on everyone long after the show ends. Perfect for any NYC corporations of all sizes.

professional nyc magician performs on stage with interactive magic

Commemorative Video

Capture the enchantment of your event with a personalized highlight reel showcasing the magical moments crafted by Linda.

Treat your guests to a cherished gift, allowing them to relive the extraordinary experience and cherish the memories of your truly special event. Document the beauty of New York City and your company's events.

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