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Help boost team morale and get everyone connected to each other! Add a new flavor to people's everyday work routines

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team bonding events

Boost team morale with Linda's virtual magic show. Perfect for remote teams, my engaging performance creates a unique team-bonding experience you can't get anywhere else

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A global show

Easily schedule a global team bonding experience. I'll work with you to find the perfect time slot, so your team can enjoy an unforgettable and magical experience no matter where they are in the world!

Dynamic Experience

Spice up your work routines with Linda's live virtual magic show. I'll collaborate with you to create a unique and engaging experience that's tailored to your team's interests and guaranteed to keep everyone fully engaged and having fun!


See what people say!

"Wow! What a great show!... she was engaging and fun with our members...Thanks again Linda! I would recommend her magical talents to any team, group or association!"


"She was very easy to collaborate and schedule with and the magic was super fun! ... It was a really great moment of fun...I'd recommend for any team!


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Magic Across Screens

Immerse yourself in the captivating world of live virtual magic with Linda. From intimate gatherings of 5 people to large-scale events with 3000+ attendees, Linda has mesmerized audiences of all sizes with her engaging and interactive performances.  Each show is 100% live, ensuring a one-of-a-kind experience that unfolds in real time. Whether you desire a brief 5-minute showcase or a full hour of captivating entertainment, Linda adapts to your time preferences, delivering an immersive experience that keeps viewers engaged and enthralled.

Break the barriers of distance and bring global teams and international families together through the magic of technology. Regardless of geographical boundaries, Linda's virtual show transcends time zones and unites people from around the world. Whether it's a corporate team-building session or a virtual family gathering, her performances foster connection, spark conversations, and create lasting memories that bridge the gap between distances, making your global event a truly unforgettable occasion.

CXOSync virtual magic show
Rescan virtual magic show

Happy Customers

Fit for Commerce virtual magic show
Alexandra Franzen virtual magic show
OALA virtual magic show
HIMSS Maryland virtual magic show
Pepper virtual magic show
NextView virtual magic show
Flatiron virtual magic show
Omsom virtual magic show
Block Party virtual magic show
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Join the Global Experience

Hire Linda to have the best virtual event you've ever experienced

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